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Taking our name from a navigational aid for sailors and pilots, we’re here to maximise your visibility, to fly your flag, to help you attract the customers you really want by telling them who you really are.

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Born from a human-focused design approach, we are a multi-disciplined team of creatives who believe that the best design comes from asking the right questions.

We tackle every project with a strategic approach. By clearly defining your purpose, customers and onliness we build a foundation on which we can design a powerful brand that reflects you and resonates with your market.

Alexander Wastney

Design Director

Alexander (Zander) is the founder of Daymark and our sister studio Designwell. Alexander has a passion for the intersection of business and design and loves helping businesses small and large to innovate using design strategy. Father to three creative girls and still attempting to play basketball every week you'll find him creative directing studio projects or scheming futuristic possibilities for our beloved clients.

Jackson Croucher

Creative Director

Jackson has a deep understanding of strategic brand systems and their real-world applications. His knack for getting to know clients and understanding their ‘why’ enables him to produce refined designs that tell compelling stories. Jackson’s expertise in motion graphics brings extra life to our brand work, and his creative direction motivates and inspires our team. We’re thankful Jackson saw the light and returned home to help us design our ‘city of the future’, and his additional skills in brewing delicious craft beer make us like him just that little bit more...

Thomas Casey


Thomas is our silent assassin. With an intellectual approach to design he listens carefully to clients and thinks deeply about their needs. Don’t be fooled though, he’s not just a design square (although he does have a thing for right angles); what Thomas lacks in volume he more than makes up for with sharp wit and some serious zingers. Thomas has a knack for generating clever designs that relate to the right people and cut to the chase, efficiently communicating brand personality with quiet comedic value.

Kristin Wastney

Design Director

Kristin is an accomplished graphic designer and brand guru. Having worked in studios in Wellington and London and for the United Nations in NYC she brings a wealth of international experience to her role as design director. Born and raised here in Hamilton, she’s driven to see her hometown thrive with good design. Through clever strategic positioning, insightful creative direction and her expert eye for colour, layout and visual cohesion, Kristin makes sure our projects always hit the mark.

Jason Tiller

Digital Director

Jason brings a wealth of digital experience to the Daymark crew. He ensures that the soul of every brand we create shines brightly online, maintaining their essence and integrity in the digital sphere. With an extensive background in sales and marketing leadership, Jason brings a deep understanding of our clients' needs to the forefront of our website offerings. He's adept at bridging the gap between creative brand strategy and tangible business growth, providing invaluable guidance for our clients. His approach is rooted in the belief that at the heart of successful digital presence is a story well told, one that resonates with its audience and stands out across Aotearoa.

Loryn Engelsman


Loryn is a well recognised illustrator and designer whose signature style brings vibrancy and personality to all of our creative projects. She radiates positivity and her playful perspective and fresh sense of humour give her projects an unparalleled edge. With her multi-disciplined skillset and adaptable nature Loryn thrives on a diverse range of work and loves a quick turnaround. She loves exploring ideas thoroughly and works best with a sketchbook handy to catch her doodles.

Giuliana Bottari

Senior Creative Artworker

With a career in advertising, Giuli has dabbled in a wide range of disciplines including motion graphics, video editing and art direction. Her knack at combining these skills with her graphic design knowledge makes her a valuable asset to our team. Originally from Argentina, Giuli brings a refreshing approach to design and a passion for bold colour and expressive design.

Charlotte Lowe

Junior Creative Artworker

Charlotte thrives on creativity and continuous learning. Her beginnings as a freelance designer instilled not only a strong work ethic but also empathy towards projects and small businesses in need of design. Earning a Master's in Design was driven by her natural curiosity for solving design challenges; she maintains a genuine enthusiasm for learning, consistently seeking opportunities to grow and refine her graphic design skills and knowledge